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Un Dom Juan international

Par BRIGITTE RICHARD, publié le mercredi 19 octobre 2016 23:01 - Mis à jour le mercredi 19 octobre 2016 23:01

Don Juan

    When it comes to the play I saw last week, I think it's totally amazing. Of course, it's the first play that I have seen in France. However it was unlike the way that I used to think : the actors in this stage play were just like the audience sitting with us because they interacted a lot with the audience. There were a lot of unreasonable details that surprised me in the stage play including those creative ideas for funny performances and nude actors.It seemed that I was in a happy atmosphere on account of those funny actors.

     In fact, I didn't understand very well this stage play. I could only understand the content by observing the behaviors done by the actors and the reactions made by the other people in the audience. I even searched on the Internet to know much more about this interesting play, Don Juan. Before watching this stage play and searching on the Internet, I just knew little about Don Juan : In Don Juan, a satirical stage play , there is a classic character, Don Juan, whose name represents a « womanizer ». He did lots of bad things so that he was brought into hell by someone (I didn't know who brought Don Juan into hell), that's all. But I even didn't know that behind this story, there were so many remarkable details about the good side of Don Juan and some parts of the story have actually their unique features.

     There is a saying about Don Juan in Chinese: « Don Juan Style Love »(唐璜式愛情) which means a kind of form of sex without love.

     It has actually given me an enjoyable moment to go and see this stage play. If I have the chance, I’d love to see more plays like Don Juan. It       makes me feel like I’m in a profound artistic atmosphere.



                                                                       Rose LO - 1ère LA

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