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Child Soldiers

Par BRIGITTE GLIERE, publié le mercredi 7 juin 2017 16:13 - Mis à jour le vendredi 9 juin 2017 16:19



  Hello everyone! Welcome to our awareness convention about child soldiers. We are members of an NGO

called " Child Soldiers International" and we are here to show you how horrible the exploitation of children is

and how to forestall and fight it.

     Nowadays, 50 countries in the world, especially in Africa and South Asia, allow the use of children in conflicts.

It affects all genders, boys as well as girls under 18. They are used by non-governmental armed groups to do

inhuman tasks involving fighting and killing. They're also recruited as cooks, porters, informants, spies and

sometimes for sexual purposes. Children are oftenly easy to manipulate and that's why these groups take

advantage of them.

     It is immoral for adults to recruit children for something as atrocious as war. How can someone do that

to a child ? How can someone do that to a human being ? They are not grown-ups yet. They should be in

school and with their families ! It's a form of slavery, and nobody, neither children nor adults, should experience


     Moreover, war traumatizes them forever. It affects them both physically and mentally and it will have an

impact on their adult life and on their future behaviour. We've collected lots of evidence, for instance the

testimony of a child soldier named Opwonya Innocent. He was captured at the age of 10 during the war in

Uganda by LRA soldiers with his father who was killed by them.

He wouldn't easily talk about his involvement in this paramilitary group, but he admitted that he had to

fight on a regular basis. He's suffered a lot, but Opwonya has never lost hope. He resisted and managed

to escape. He received help from a woman who happened to pass by, and that's how he was saved. Later,

through the radio, he was reunited with his mother. This terrible experience has left scars on him for life.

     Yet, some children don't have enough resilience to overcome the suffering and the violence of war by

themselves. That's why we should all gather to help them. If we can save one child, we can save all the

children Our foundation's goal is to prevent armed forces and paramilitary group from recruiting, exploiting

and using children, and we need your help to achieve our aims. So please, make donations to our charity

to help us be more effective in our task. Together let's fight against injustice and violence againts children !

Together we'll be stronger !


                                                                                           Elvire and Laura