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Education first!

Par BRIGITTE GLIERE, publié le jeudi 8 juin 2017 21:09 - Mis à jour le vendredi 9 juin 2017 15:40




                                               Speech delivered by the Aide and Action's representatives at the United Nations  on August 7th,2016.


      Ladies andGentlemen,

      It's a pleasure to be here with you on this symbolic day for education.As you know, millions of people don't have access

to education.It's a major inequality that persists in our world. That's why I'm standing before you today in order to try and

make things change and to sensitize the maximum number of people thanks to our association Aide and Action.

      Even now, some 61 million children are still out of school and more than 744 million adults are illiterate. I still don't

understand why so many people don't have access to education while education is a fundamental right recognized by

the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In some countries, there are many barriers to education such as gender

inequality, family poverty, the distance from school, the lack of qualified teachers, the lack of equipment, necessary

migrations to survive and natural disasters. All these elements deprive millions of people of a quality education.

      We must deal in the best and safest way possible! You should know that the education of children and adults is the

key to the economic, social and long-lasting development of a country. Education promotes human development and

gives everyone the power to make choices. Education CAN change the world!

      What should we do? And how to achieve our goals? What are the solutions? Everyone, whoever they are, can make

a contribution. And together, let us promote equality so that everyone can be free to choose their future.

Donations can make great things happen.

Donations can change the course of a life.

Donations can take a person out of misery.

       It's by joining forces that we will reach our goals. Education is the most powerful lever to change society!

Today, together, we are fighting for a united world. Whatever their origin,France, China, Switzerland, Latin America,

South Asia, Africa or The Caribbean, all illiterate people need us. Their fate is in our hands.

That’s why our motto is “Changing the world through education”! Thank you for listening to us.


                                                                        Alice and Fanny