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Support Vegetarianism

Par BRIGITTE RICHARD, publié le mercredi 7 juin 2017 14:49 - Mis à jour le vendredi 9 juin 2017 16:14


        Being ourselves, members of the WWF, we are here to speak to you about a burning issue : vegetarianism.

Vegetarianism has positive aspects as well as negative ones.  Nevertheless, most of these negative aspects

shouldn't stop you from becoming a vegetarian.

        First of all, we will start by presenting the environmental impact of a meat diet. Each year, more than

1900 animals are killed each second, which is approximately equal to 100 billon a year.

         Do you know how many liters of water are necessary to produce only one kilo  meat ?

15 000 liters ! 15 000 liters of water ! Don't forget, cows ( or other animals ) we eat, need to be fed.

They mainly eat cereals, cereals which are sprayed with pesticides. In France, 90% of groundwater

is polluted by pesticides and nitrates. You must know that cattle breeding also releases harmful gases,

called greenhouse gases, into the atmosphere. These gases are mainly constituted by methane,

and on this planet, 22% of methane comes from cattle farms.

        A vegetarian diet has, naturally, some disadvantages like the risk of nutritional deficiences or

a lighter weight ... But it also has advantages like giving you more energy : so there is no feeling of tiredness

after a vegetarian meal. Besides, we have a clear conscience because we have not eaten living creatures;

we help the environment with less pollution, less deforestation, less global warming... We are healthier

because we absorb more vitamins, and fewer toxins or unwanted hormones; and to finish, we have less risk

to have a  heart disease.

        As you have understood, being a vegetarian is not just saving animals. There are health and environmental

aspects, as well as respect for animals that matter.

Please, open your eyes to the current situation and act before it is too late !


                                                                    Kimberlye and Lola