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Travaux interdisciplinaires sur " la rhétorique du discours" en anglais et français (2017)

The Anonymous talking to you

Par BRIGITTE GLIERE, publié le mercredi 7 juin 2017 16:26 - Mis à jour le vendredi 9 juin 2017 15:42



         Welcome to you, citizens of the world! Do you really know what the Internet is? Do you really know how evil it can be?

We are known to be “Hacktivists”, who act worldwide! Some of you call us “Cowards” because of our masks. Some of you

call us “Anarchists” because we act against some unfair aspects of society! Some of you call us “Phony men” only because we

give news and information that no one, except us, know. Our masks refer to the famous comics and film V for Vendetta,

and also, to the face of Guy Fawkes, the best known member of the Gunpowder Plot. If you want to know the truth, we are

all of that, because we are everyone and no one in the same time. Do not – and even never – forget that we are not a group,

but an idea! Neither government, nor media, no one can miss us!

         When you are online, we are there, to protect you. Our ambition is simply to talk you into being more careful. You want

to know why? Keep in mind the Net has too many wrong sides . Too many data are fake or absurd, and media use them to

make money! Recently, there have been the virtual attacks Wana Cry and Aldikuzz. Those viruses have been created to hack

almost three hundred thousand computers , especially companies’ computers.

         Would you let governments and media fool you? Would you let them trample your opinions? Would you let them infringe

on your rights? The Internet isn’t only a way to learn, it’s also a way to teach. We are here to help public enlightenment. Will

governments and media murder you if you give your opinion in public? Don’t panic! You are safe! Join our legion! Let your minds

be enlightened! Join our idea! Let darkness out of your minds! Do join us!


                                                                              We are anonymous!

                                                                              We are a legion!

                                                                              We do not forgive!

                                                                              We do not forget!


                                                                                   EXPECT US !


                                                                          Thomas and Tristan