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Why we should support veganism

Par BRIGITTE GLIERE, publié le vendredi 9 juin 2017 00:08 - Mis à jour le vendredi 9 juin 2017 15:41



Hello we are the Vegan Society. We are here today to talk about veganism and the way animals are treated .

        But first what is a vegan ?

A vegan is a person who chooses not to eat anything that comes from animals and chooses

not to support animal exploitation in any form.

Our society has developed the « Vegan Trademark » and we created our label in 1944.

Now the label is integrated on the packaging of vegan products.

           What we are now going to tell you may help you change your minds about the way we

are treating animals. At least, we hope so !

            In zoos and aquariums animals are locked up . What for? For the protection of species?

No, only for our entertainment. We are watching them with curiosity but don’t care if hey are

unhappy and suffering while we should let them live in peace in the wilderness.

Humans kill every year more than 70 billion animals and around 37 to 120 billion fish for food.

Humans bring every year more than 70 billion terrorized animals to slaughterhouses.

Humans take every year more than 190 billion animals’ lives and freedom.  We have been

fighting for years against slavery and for human rights.

Why don't we do the same for animals’ rights ?

        Today, and for the future generations, we have to respect the Earth more than ever.

That's why we have to stop eating meat.

We should change our eating habits, because agriculture is the greatest source of destruction

of our environment and of our planet .   Manure contains high levels of nitrogen and

phosphor. These elements go into groundwater, pollute lakes, killing the fish and

endangering the health of other animals too. If we eat no more meat, we can reduce our

impact on the planet.

                                We have to act to preserve life in oceans. It's an emergency.

                                We have to stop killing innocent lives and destroying the planet.

                                We have to defend animals’ rights, because animals are not goods, animals

                                are not slaves nor garbage !

They must have the same rights as humans . We are equal.


                                                                                        Aglaé and Thibault